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                        Beads Under the Influence

 is a collaborative effort between my hands and my head and a special plant. 

                   💜Thanks for coming this far 💜

A couple of months ago I paid for a website that let's me link my products to sell on instagram and facebook. Ecwid. Sales are subject to the approval of Instagram. It states this should only take a couple of days. Well... A couple of months later, I still haven't heard from them. I don't really know why. No longer a problem, new plan. Winging it. Here is stuff never on my Etsy and unless stated cuz I have to- It's through PayPal, you can use any card. 😉And sometimes when asked, I trade. I'll have a trade idea post at some point. 🤔

 Yay, because I like this idea. So... 💜📸*click* 📸💜the link in my ~Instagram bio~ or shop my ^^BakedAlaskanDesigns Facebook^^ page to find the new work that no ⚠️ has been taken while creating. 🤥🤔🤣😉💜 Beads Under the Influence by Baked Alaskan Designs is born. Sales will go to keeping us high. No joke, we'll use the proceeds to help keep us uplifted, inspired, and creating. We'll donate to our causes, buy our dirt local, gifts from my super creative peers online and maybe even keep warm. Follow up, funds collected here will probably buy firewood;). 

🌈🛫🎁🔮🎨📿🦋You may never know what I'll have here, giveaways, destash, promotion of cool stuff and supplies I've found here and there. My pleasure for yours. (💚) ;} Julie 

Oct 5, 2018 

Beautiful beadwork! I get so many compliments on this piece. These are my colors and the artist sent me a matching pair of earrings! She is a very groovy lady and talented artist. Very cute upcycled packaging too. Thank you ❤️

Jen Luton